Academy of Geo-informatics for Sustainable Development


Considering the requirement of high end research and development in the areas having relevance of geo-informatics technology for sustainable development, a separate infrastructure has been established. In collaboration with different institutes in the state as well as in the country, R&D activities are being carried out in the areas of climate change, environment, disaster management, natural resources management, infrastructure development, resources planning, coastal hazard and coastal zone management studies, etc. under the guidance of eminent scientists.

Various innovative methodologies/models developed in this academy through the research process have helped in development of various new applications. There are plans to enhance R&D activities manifold during coming years.

Besides this, recognizing the importance and relevance of institute’s activities in IT sector and their future potential, the Gujarat Government decided to initiate research and development in “centre of informatics and training” area through a focused research activity along with simultaneous programme of human resources development. This unit is providing in-house developed ERP solutions on GIS platform by integrating various technologies such as remote sensing, GIS, MIS, Mobile and Web. As this product provides simple single-window IT solutions to user community, it has become highly acceptable by the users. In addition, various other in-house products are being developed in this unit on regular basis. In the process, the institute is establishing “Gujarat Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSSDI)” by utilizing the strength of already established IT Network infrastructure of the state (GSWAN).

Academy of Geo-informatics for Sustainable Development

This academy also provides training to more than 600 students every year in the field of Geo-informatics. The students come from various backgrounds like water resources, urban planning, computer Engineering, IT, Agriculture, Remote Sensing, GIS and their applications.

This Academy has a separate infrastructure for advanced research and development through following schools:

Goals of the BISAG Academy:

The BISAG Academy focuses its activities to address following larger Research and Development issues:

  • Develop procedures for systematic capture of information and knowledge both from geospatial data bases and user experiences and hence facilitate preparation of a comprehensive all-purpose spatial data base for suitability of development.
  • Sensitize users to viable integrated approach for knowledge generation.
  • Develop secure and robust test and validation procedures for effective implementation of developed procedures at users end.
  • Develop new technologies and knowledge equations for studying new development initiatives and assess their sustainability.
  • Develop capacities for human resource development and training to provide qualified professionals for project execution.
  • Act as via-media for fusion of domain knowledge from academia with the technology to provide opportunities for sustained capacity building.