Growth in SATCOM Utilization

The utilization of SATCOM Network has increased by more than 35% every year. During this period, the demand has also increased manifold. Accordingly, the augmentation of Ku band digital uplink, and a number of studios have been increased from three to nine. An 11 m antenna capable of telecasting large number of channels in Ku band has been installed. Up-linking of additional ten channels is in final stage. Bandwidth for two channels is provided by ISRO free of charge and for other channels, the same shall be procured under “Edusat” programme.

It has now been envisaged to create a “virtual education and skill development system” through satellite communication on DTH (by adding about 10 Ku band TV broadcast channels every year). This shall require procurement of extra satellite bandwidth, Ku band digital uplink upgradation, augmentation of studios, and establishment of content generation facility (to support resource persons), maintenance, publicity and up-keeping of the total system. The Utilization of SATCOM facility by various Departments of Gujarat Government has increased tremendously. During 2001-09 it was only 1103 hours. It has increased to 4494 hour during 2013-14. Various programmes related to HEALTH, HIGHER EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, CANCER have been telecast.