The Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals And Records, Held By It Or Under Its Control Or Used By Its Employees For Discharging Its Functions

  1. Government of Gujarat, rules and regulations are adopted by the institute.
  2. For large projects standards and manuals developed by national agencies are followed.


Sr. No. Document Category Name of document and brief of it How to get the document Held by / Controlled by
1 Administrative Govt resolutions pertinent to BISAG, Science and Technology.   Manager
2 Administrative Minutes of Governing body   Director
3 Administrative Minutes of Executive Commitee   Director
4 Accounts Audited Reports by the Chartered Accountant   Manager
5 Accounts Books of Account   Manager
6 Accounts Bank book   Manager
7 Accounts Ledger   Accounts Officer
8 Accounts Cash Book   Accounts Officer
9 Accounts Deadstock Register   Manager
10 Administrative Logbook   Manager
11 Administrative Govt Service Rules   Manager
12 Technical Standards documents   Sr Scientist
13 Technical Thematic Atlases for Official use only   Director