Particulars of Organization, Functions And Duties

9.1 Objective of the Organisation:

To utilize space technologies and geo-informatics for the developmental activities of the state by timely information on the natural and man made resources useful to agriculture, Urban development, Water resources development, rural development, Forest and environment, Geological resource development etc. Training of grassroot level functionaries through satellite communication and conduct academic programmes for geo-informatics education.

9.2 Vision Statement :

  • BISAG should be the institute of National importance for Geo-informatics and integrating space technology into decision making process
  • BISAG should identify and satisfy the needs of Gujarat state by facilitating use of remote sensing, GIS and communication technology.
  • BISAG should be a part of sustainable development strategies of the State by developing GIS based decision support systems for planning and management of various resources and infrastructure.
  • BISAG should provide linkage between State capital, districts and talukas for distant training, data broadcast, information dissemination and satisfy communication needs.
  • BISAG shall promote the technology of Remote Sensing & GIS by assisting users to establish succinct centres and create awareness.
  • BISAG will pursue Research & Development and collaborate so as to provide state-of-the-art technology to the state on regular basis.

9.3 Origin and Short History:

Government of Gujarat appreciating the benefits of space technology and as a response to the Govt. of Indias effort for wider use of this technology established a remote sensing cell within GERI through orders of the then Irrigation Dept dated 21-1-1986. Subsequently in 1997 realising the depth and extensive applications and the need to have satellite based communication for training at state level the “Remote Sensing and Communication Centre” was established under Science and Technology Cell, of Education Department vide Education Deptt GR NO. STC-1096-21 S&T dtd 26-Feb-1997.

Prior to 29 December 2003 BISAG was known as RESECO, Remote Sensing and Communication Centre. It was registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, in July 1997 REGISTRATION NUMBER GUJ/538 dated 9-7-1997.

9.4 Duties The functions and duties of BISAG are:

  1. To act as a nodal agency to help planning process related to natural resources and environment.
  2. To prepare baseline inventory of resources on a spatial format at different levels of details and hierarchy (scale, admininstrative / physical units).
  3. To organise a State Resources Information System.
  4. To develop approaches for integrated resources data management.
  5. To participate in national level projects/activities for the State.
  6. To carry out projects and provide services/consultancy based on specific user needs (both Govt. and private).
  7. To provide training to staff of different departments in the use of Remote Sensing outputs for their planning/ developmental activities.
  8. To carry out research and development activities to improve upon the methods of analysis and techniques of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System.
  9. Library and documentation.
  10. To identify in consultation with various user departments their needs for dissemination of information.
  11. To identify in consultation with various departments their needs for training and regular tele-conferencing, talkback etc.
  12. To prepare a calendar of such activities keeping in view the satellite facilities available.
  13. To prepare software for training programme.
  14. To maintain and manage up-link facilities and the studio.
  15. To conduct academic programmes for HR development in Geo-informatics.

24.1 Main Activities

The major activities of the centre are grouped here under:

  • Satellite Communication: For promotion and facilitation of the use of teleconferencing networks for distant interactive training, education and extensions.
  • Remote Sensing Applications: For inventory, mapping, developmental planning and monitoring of natural and man-made resources.
  • Geographic Information System: Conceptualizing, creating and organizing ‘multi-purpose common digital database’ for sectoral / integrated decision support systems.
  • Software Development: For wider usage of geo-spatial applications; and to provide decision support systems to the users at low cost.
  • Education, Research and Training: Academy for Geo-informatics provides education, research, training facilities and promotes technology transfer to a large number of end users and collaborators.

24.2 Services and Products

Most of the geo-informatic services of BISAG are for various Govt departments. The GUJSAT services are to train govt employees, extension, teleconferencing and conduct educational programmes. BISAG has developed software products.

The centre shall provide services to the user departments of the State Government on no profit no loss basis. Private agencies may be charged on commercial basis for the service provided to them on mutually agreed terms.

No benefaction shall be accepted by the society which in its opinion, involves conditions or obligations opposed to the spirit and objects of the institute.

24.3 Organisation Chart

24.4 Expectations from the stakeholders:

BISAG expects its stakeholders (various govt. departments) to continue availing services for geo-informatics. The departments need more focused efforts for utilizing satellite based communication facility. Stake holders are also expected to avail benefit of training facilities for geo-informatics.

24.5 Arrangements for Public participation:

As such public in general have no direct linkages for the work carried out by BISAG. However participation of the institute in scientific and Information fairs does give an opportunity to educate the public.

24.6 Monitoring of Services and system for redressal of public complaint

  • Services are monitored by the government , Governing Body and Executive committee as per scope of work. Direct redressal of public complaints is by PIO and APIO appointed for providing information and for redressal of complaints.

24.7 Address of various suboffices:

BISAG is locate at Gandhinagar and has no sub offices.


Postal Address:

Near CH ‘0’ Circle, Indulal Yagnik Marg, Gandhinagar-382 007 Gujarat, India.




+91 79 3213090


+91 79 3213091

Besides the institutional mails, the scientists of BISAG have been officially provided GSWAN web mail accounts.

24.8 Office Timings:

Regular Office Hours:

10:30 a.m to 6:10 p.m as per GoG office timings.