Centre for Informatics and Training

Centre for Informatics and Training was established at BISAG with a vision of improving e-Governance and providing simple, efficient, economic and end-to-end quality solutions. The centre functions as a useful resource in implementation of National and State Level e-Governance Projects while providing consultancy and development of products and services. The centre not only focuses on use of new infrastructure and technology but also use of older ones in innovative ways. Recently, the centre was appraised with CMMI Level 5 maturity.

Main objectives

  • Core engines development
  • Web GIS: The Engine
  • Image Processing Software: PARAMITI
  • Satellite Data Information System
  • Cadastral System
  • Automated Digital Atlas Generation
  • Meta-data Server
  • Application development and customization

Various fields that form the strength of the centre are

  • e-Governance
  • m-Governance
  • g-Governance
  • e-Map Services


The Centre has signed Memorandum of Understanding with more than 40 Universities and Institutes all over India. The Centre bridges the gap for the industrial requirement of trained personnel. Training and internships are regularly provided at the graduate and postgraduate levels to approximately 1000 students from all over the country every year. The Centre provides an environment to the students where both technical and soft skills are addressed. These trainings provide confidence to industry about the human skills developed in various technical areas.

The centre also focuses on development of Open Source Enterprise Applications in the areas of:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • E-Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Portal Software, etc.

executing all these activities, BISAG has been duly recognized in terms of awards at national levels.